Claremont CA 2017

I rode my bike in Claremont CA from Friday Feb 17 through Monday feb 27.  Just as with Cancun, Claremont also was a repeat for me,  I was here last year about the same time.  And like Cancun, it was my intention to ride most days with a group.

Last year I rode exclusively with Claremont Senior Bicycle Group.  This year I branched out a little and rode with a couple other organizations.  While the challenge in Cancun is speed, here the pain is in the hills.

And just like my nightly stop in Cancun at Beer Box, here I can be found at The Back Abby.  They have a wonderful selection of Belgium’s, many on tap!

The other great difference from Cancun is that in Claremont I live with my daughter.  She teaches at Claremont McKenna college and it is wonderful to have a family to come home to.

Below are links to more of the story details.

Overview of the Week’s Rides
Claremont Money