Kawanhee Memory Book
95th Reunion August 13-16, 2015

What do you mean, Memory Book?

There is a History Cabin at camp. May there always be a Kawanhee and in the history cabin you can see what Kawanhee was like last year and 95 years ago. For the 85th reunion, we bound together a copy of catalogs from 1924 and 1928 and 55 pages of short memories from you and sold it for $20. The idea is to do the same in 2015. Maybe we will use a catalog from 1975 and 1985. All we need now is your stories!

What kind of stories?

Well, Click Here to see a bunch we used in the 85th book. We are mainly intersted in something you want to preserve! When you think about your Kawanhee experience, what do you remember? This is not just corporate happy talk. Some of the most entertaining memories we all have of Kawanhee concern things that went a little off the rails. And, obviously, this is not the place to settle that score with Alex by finally outing him.

Writing is not my strong suit

We have a system! It works! Give me a call and we will spend less than 30 minutes talking. 603-379-2519 After that, I'll send you a "rough draft" of a story you have suggested. You edit it, send it back, we do that once or twice and you are again a published author. Here is a great one Graham Marvin just did. And another by Michael Altmaier from the E-Wigwam.

When is my story due?

Ah, that is always the questions, isn't it? I want to print the book by June so we can show it to parents and guests this summer. That means pretty much locking stuff down by April. The nice thing is that we can always print with fewer stories or expand the book to add more if lots are submitted. We do the book hard cover so you will be proud to show it to people. The original idea was that I wanted to show people the early catalogs but the originals would not last long being passed around over cocktails.