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12/20/07 I have four books for sale that you can learn about on this Books page. One is a collection of 320 original Elizabethan Sonnets from a great new voice. Two are reprints of Bakewell Pears Glass Catalogues and the last is a reprint of the 1924 and 1928 Camp Kawanhee Catalogues along with 55 pages of camper memories.

LinkedIn TODAY is a good read.

You Overheard What?: Reality TV Show

Beer Trip: April 2012

Write-up of the personal New York City Pub Crawl I just returned from.

Lafayette Vase

This is a wonderful story about the recent auction of a vase that was given to the Marquis De Lafayette in 1824 by the Bakewell Page and Bakewell Glass company.

OOP Programming Architecture

11/29/2010 I maintain a couple web sites and justify the time I spend on them by learning and adopting new technologies. I have done a couple of application using Object Oriented Programming, OOP. The language I have used is PHP. I understand the basics of OOP so I can use the features. BUT, I feel lost when it comes to really using the features in a way that maximizes their power. It is like using functions but still writing spaghetti code. Has anyone ever seen books, regardless of language, that talk about how to "objectify" a problem? The real challenge is to decide how to group methods in classes and then how to use inheritance on the classes to handle variant cases. Please let me know if you find such books or web sites. Maybe I will start creating them once I get better at OOP! You can click on this text, OOP Programming Architecture or on the title to this paragraph and you will see my first attempt to write out a specification and then think about building an OOP structure to meet the requirements. Comments please!

Rome in 1858

In 1858, my Great Great Grandfather, John Palmer Pears and his wife Rachael Cook Paul, took a grand tour of europe. Rachael kept a diary. Our daughter Elizabeth is spending a Junior Year semester in Rome, Feb-May 2010. We are visiting her and I hope we can visit some of the same places mentioned in the diary.


Over the years I have moved from Sudoko to Kakuro and now to KenKen. I have found them great in math classes and recently gotten a little hooked myself on KenKen.

New House

We built a new house in North Hampton, NH. I planned the money and wife Kim made all the other decisions!. Click Here to see the latest pictures by a professional photographer who the build commissioned.

We were very happy with our builder, D.D.Cook Builders of Greenland, NH. Everyone seems to agree that the house is very well constructed. Given my job, managing the money, it was wonderful that Don told us what the house would cost up front. Then, each time we changed something, he told us how much that alteration would increase, or, dollars from heaven, decrease the total cost. Don has also gone beyond the normal professional commitment you would expect in being sure that all the work was done to his own high expectations. We could not be happier and we definitely recommend that you talk to Don if you are interested in building in this area.


I have loved taking pictures of birds for years. CLICK HERE to see that birds of March.

Click HERE to see what I am catching at our new house. Nothing special: Jay, Robin, Titmouse, Chickadee, Junco, House Finch but you never know!

What I Learned Today

This is a poor man's Blog. When I read about a topic and want to share what I learned, it sometimes ends up as an entry here. The topics are from newest to oldest and form Mushrooms to Basketball.

A visit to Princeton

Back in the fall of 2007, I had the chance to visit some friends who recently returned to live outside Princeton, N.J. Here are some pictures of the visit and their wonderful home.


In 2005, with the help of over 20 authors, I was able to publish a Memory Book for the 85th reunion of Camp Kawanhee. You can find much of the original material posted at the Kawanhee link on the left navigator. Kawanhee is a boys camp in Weld, Maine. Even more interesting than the stories, if you didn't go to Kawanhee, is that I was able to use the web site to encourage the authors and allow them to read other's contributions almost in real time. We were able to put a book together in under two months with NO face to face meetings! I hope I can use this web-enabled model to quickly publish more books using authors who can't meet regularly.


I'm the President of the Historical Society for a Maine summer community, Squirrel Island. I recently was shown a set of old prints from the island and the area around Boothbay Harbor. I have posted the images here so people can look at them. You can look at the ones I bought by clicking on the Pics I Bought link to the left. The Pics Not Owned link will show you, SURPRISE, pictures I did not buy and some of which we are trying to identify

A Letter

Here is a wonderful letter from a young lady working as a waitress at the Squirrel Inn in 1933

An AD for a Squirrel Island Spoon

Here is an Ad from an 1893 Squirrel Island Boey newspaper for a Souvenir Spoon