Cancun 2017

This 2017 story is a work in progress, under construction.  I opened it up because I wanted to be able to share the story on my upcoming trip to LA, but things are incomplete.  You will find dead ends.  Unfinished sentences.  I’ll remove this paragraph once things are further along.

For the second year in a row, I rode a peddle bike in Cancun in January.  I was there from Thursday the 19th until Monday the 30th.  I rent a small Airbnb apartment in downtown Cancun and ride every morning on the Hotel Road with the locals at 6am.  I spend the rest of the day eating, drinking, walking around and getting ready to repeat.

This vacation is a prime example of my love of a theme trip.  I am doing something that involves the local community.  I can visit museums, beaches, churches, but that is not my purpose.  My focus is riding.  Weather prevents me from riding outdoors in my native NH.  Here, even at 6am, I ride in shorts and only a wicking shirt under my bicycle shirt.

The menu below should allow you to investigate different aspects of my trip.  Hope you enjoy!