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As you hopefully will see, I’m a 71 year old fairly active retiree with too much to do.  During the summers, I play daily at the Squirrel Island Historical Society.  We have a college intern who manages the space.  The building is located on an island of 100 summer cottages off Boothbay Harbor Maine.

I’m also lucky enough to be involved with another small historical at Camp Kawanhee in Weld Maine.  We hired our first intern in 2017 and are looking forward to hiring another for 2018! We have a beautiful building and have collected a huge amount of material relating to the history of this 100 year old Boys camp.

Next, I want to talk about Cycling.  It appears a little out of order with the next entry,  Beer but I’ll put it here in the interest of trying to maintain the illusion of respectability.  In order to drink the amount of beer I like to, and stay alive, and I have to exercise.  My preferred form is Cycling.  Because I live along the coast of New Hampshire in the winter, I can’t ride enough 3+ months so I go to places like Cancun, LA, Portugal and ride for 10 days during the snowy months.

Beer.  What can I say?  In 1966 I was in college and someone whispered “Computers” in my ear,  just like “Plastics” in The Graduate film.  I have been blessed to play from Visi-Calc to IoT.  Now the same with Beer.  I started with Coors, Sierra Nevada and now there are wonderful beer bars and breweries in every town.

The Rest is just that, whatever does not fall under the above headings!


Squirrel Island Historical Society

The image is from around 1910.  It shows the main “field” on Squirrel Island.  The chapel and a couple fairly typical cottages are visible.  The people are probably gathered for a yearly game day the Saturday of what is called Fete Week.

Eastern Postcard Project

An Interesting Postcard


I know, a little scary, but the two guys in the middle, younger Raymond on the left, and George on the right, established a Boys Camp in 1920 that is still operating today!  I would love to know more about the other people in the pictures.


Pretty strange that this is the best non-selfie picture of me from my 2016 winter trip rides.  It is from the Hotel Road in Cancun and obviously I just got in the way of the young man’s selfie.  The best part of the story is that when I showed up at the bike shop in Cancun to return my bike, my contact there said he thought he had seen me in a friend’s selfie.  He forward the image to me.  The opening video to this site shows selfies that I took in Portugal.

Portugal 2018
Claremont 2018
Cancun 2018
Cancun 2017
Clarement 2017
Portugal 2017



The above scene is from Claremont Brewery in Claremont California.  Normally I am partial to beer bars where one gets a variety instead of breweries who often feature only their own wares.  But, I was in town for over a week and had plenty of opportunities to visit various establishments.

December 2017 New York Beer Trip

The Rest

The image is of the Mancave my wife built for me in our new 2008 home.  Let me be clear.  She is not responsible at all for what is in the Mancave.  She just provided the four walls and wood stove.  I love the pattern of keeping the stove going all day.  The Mancave is not a place to watch TV.  Think of it more as the back room of a historical society.  Most of the material is family history.

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