Eastern Illustrating & Publishing Company

Penobscot Marine Museum

has a wonderful collection of images from the Eastern Illustrating & Publishing Company. Eastern printed postcards depicting many Maine locals including Squirrel Island. You can read about the company here.

The Museum is doing an exhibit of Lincoln County (where Squirrel is) so we have a chance to help them further identify the images.

The first job is to pick 2? images from there collection. Which two should we pick?  Pick a couple and leave a comment at the bottom of this page or the bottom of the page where the image lives.

If you want to look at all the images, Penobscot has posted them HERE

LIz Fitzsimmons at Penobscot Marine Museum wrote:

I am finalizing the captions for the Penobscot Marine Museum’s Lincoln County historic photo exhibit, which will open in May at the Boothbay Railway Museum.

Both the images and stories are important to the exhibit, as you know.
The photos I particularly like, any one of which would be an excellent
addition exhibit, are:

LB2007.1.102578 View at Squirrel Island, ME 2.(I like the boats in this photo.)
LB2007.1.110771 View at Squirrel Island 10,
LB2007.1.110785View at Squirrel Island 8.
LB2007.1.102580Post Office, Squirrel Island, ME 4.
(I imagine this as an opportunity to say something about the people who
vacationed on the island as well as about the post office.)

You are, of course, welcome to choose any of the Squirrel Island photos.
In addition to the traveling exhibit in Lincoln County, there will also
be an on-line exhibit with many additional photos.

End of Liz’s note.

An easy way to think of these is they are numbers 2,10,8, and 4.
To see the images organized, just clickHERE

To see great examples from Liz, click HERE

To see my first cut at a caption, click HERE



My idea is to start by writing a history of Squirrel and then worry about what image we choose and what we say about it. Here is a link to that

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