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Pictures I do not own

Here are the Pictures I did not buy. The ones you look at on the other link, Pics I bought, will look better because I scaned them. For these, I just took a quick digital picture to get the general layout. The main focus here is to identify the locations. Please email me at tpears@aol.com if you have any ideas.

Flat Top House

Click on the above title to see a very unique costal cottage.

Big House with Sky Lights

Another unique large costal building.

A Farm by the Sea

What Bay is this?

House with a Dock

Looks pretty far "up river".

House with a horse

Again this looks to be on a Bay?.

A Fish Ware View

See if you can help us with this one.

And, Here are some Squirrel Pics that I did not buy

Squirrel Inn Staff

This one is from the same albume as many of the rest of these but just came on ebay recently

Squirrel Pics

There is Cleft Rock, the Hotel, the island from Southport and maybe the Indian Trail.

Indian Shop

Click on the above title to see the most interesting of the pictures.

And, Here are some Boothbay places that we do know

The Islands Around

Capital,Ram, Burnt and Mouse