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Pictures I Bought

I bought 4 Items. I have them here so I was able to scan them. The ones you may look at on the other link, Pics Not Owned, will look worse because I did not scan them. I just took a quick digital picture to get the general layout.

Lobster Party with Tree

Click on the above title to see a page of the picture I bought, a post card of the same place and a picture of the same place from Maine Memory Networks

Two Other Pictures that came along

Click on the above title to see a page with the two pictures that were on the back of the page in the album that had the Lobster party above on the front. It took me a long time to understand that I could not just buy the one picture, I had to buy the page from the book and so got these two pictures also.

A Different Clam Bake Location

Sticking with the Clam Bake theme, click on the above to see a different Clam Bake picture I purchased.

A Boothbay Opera House Play

A scene from a play.

A Hennessey Handout

The Fog Lifters Associstion