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Camp Kawanhee
A Memory Book
85th reunion
August 11-14 2005

For 10 years, 1955-1967ish, I attended a summer camp in Weld Maine called Camp Kawanhee. They are having a reunion, celebrating 85 years of excellence. I have a small collection of old Kawanhee camp catalogs from the 1920s. I enjoy looking at them and showing them to friends. But they are old and showing their wear. They are deteriorating. I got the idea to use the energy of the reunion to get a couple of the catalogs published in a hardcover format so I could share them. In talking to the printer, I found it was fairly inexpensive to add more pages of text and black and white pictures. Collecting that text and pictures is the purpose of this page.

My idea is to publish a hard cover book that starts out with a complete copy of the 1924 and then the 1928 Kawanhee catalogs. They have great pictures and even some amusing text. I'm an historian and love looking at the way it was. After the catalogs, I hope to include a number of "Memory" pieces from fellow Kawanhee lovers. I have approached about 20 people. Unfortunately, the deadline is very tight. The printer has not set a drop dead date, but I am pushing people to submit material by June 14th. I need to have the book printed by early August and plan to recoup the expense by selling it for about $25 at the reunion. This is not a money-making venture and I should be able to donate at least 5 copies to the Kawanhee Foundation. Also, my hope is that this first "Memory" book will whet people's appetite to produce a much larger Memory book for the 90th. I also hope it will motivate the camp historian, Ed Hamblin, to produce a real Kawanhee History, which this is NOT.

So, here are the pieces I have so far. One has to start somewhere. Just click on the title to read the Memorey.

The Magic of Bass Rock

Kind of Disappear

The Beginnings of Camp Kawanhee

The Odd Fellow's Club

Oh Kawanhee....I'za coming

Food Raids

The "Women" of Kawanhee

Doug Means's Boating Test

Rod's Reel



The Wigwam Speaks

Campbell Scarlett

Green Barn Fire 1956

For Parents: About Packages

Monhegan Trip: 1956

They brought the Hermit Back!!

Yes, I did drive the hermit back to camp

Pictures Please

So What

Post Cards

Picking up a Camper in 1927

I have had a few suggestions for "Stump the Chumps" questions. (Literary reference to NPR Click and Clack Car repair show). See how many of these you can get.

1. BBB was Bates Bouncing Buggy but what was BBBB?

2. Steal it and Stencile it was the moto of what department?

3. 10,000 FGAS stood for?


Several people have asked me what I want them to write about. Of course I want them to write about memories that mean the most to them. Below I have put together a list, just some ideas. Please add to the list and help me with spelling!!

I also have an idea about how to credit and give a context to each author. My idea is to encourage people to tell stories about camp and downplay the "How I have been such a success after". But we also want to know about people. What do you think of this? At the end of each memory will be a short paragraph with the authors name, their camp affiliations and one sentence about what they are doing now?

Mine might be:

Tom Pears Camper/Councilor 55-67 Sailing.
After teaching high school for 12 years and spending 20 years in high tech, I am now hoping to return to teaching in the Boston area.

Jock Duncan's is:

Jock Duncan 48-56 Maroon Captain 1952
For 25 years I have loved having a second home in Rangeley Maine and being so close to camp.

David Jeffrey's is:

David Jeffrey: Camper at Kawanhee, 1950 (Panther Lodge), 1951 (Pine Tree Lodge) and 1955 (Green Barn).
After getting an M.Div. degree from Union Theological Seminary and an MBA from Columbia University my career has been as a financial analyst at a bank and, since 1979, at a small consulting firm that trains other financial professionals. Semi-retired now, I happily spend volunteer time with several non-profit organizations.

John Willis's is:

John Willis Camper/Councilor 58-68 Boating/Campcraft.
After Cornell and Vanderbilt [motto: "Harvard: the Vanderbilt of the North"] and decades working in schools, I'm in private practice doing assessments for special needs students from my home in Peterborough NH and teaching graduate students to do the same thing so I can retire.
If I had been a great and famous man, I would have owed it all to Kawanhee.

Memory Ideas

Just some suggestions to poke your memory.

  • Clarence Bateman
  • Ed Chase
  • Dean Miller
  • Campbell Scarlett
  • Forest Dexter
  • Herb Birch
  • Ben (Bud) Bennet
  • Pop Nolan
  • Del Tracy
  • Sailing
  • Boating
  • Range
  • Nature
  • Tennis
  • Athletes
  • Basketball
  • Camp Craft
  • Archery
  • Wrestling
  • Water Skiing
  • Swimming
  • Monhegan
  • Presidentials
  • Katadan
  • Swift River
  • Coos Canyon
  • Kennebeck
  • Bald
  • Blue
  • Tumbledown
  • World Series Movies
  • Food
  • Skunk Ridge
  • Morning dip
  • Infirmary
  • Fort
  • Sunday Beach
  • Skukeme
  • Council Fire, scachems
  • Junior Maine Guide
  • Life Saving
  • Maroon and Gray
  • Pre-camp and post-camp
  • Ohio and New Jersey "busses" to/from camp