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I have four books for sale. They are described below. In each case, the price listed INCLUDES taxes and shipping by normal mail in the United States. There are two primary ways to pay. You can send a check to Tom Pears 71 Atlantic Ave, North Hampton, NH 03862 or you can paypal the amount to tompearsAThotmail.com. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at tpearsATaol.com. Note that in both email address in this paragraph, you have to type the @ symbol where the letters AT presently are. Click on the large titles of the books below to learn more about them.

The Sonnets of Ron Visnor

The Elizabethan Sonnet form is alive and well! Here are 320 poems from a new voice. The subjects run from the mundane to Tolkien and Khachaturian.

Glassware Bakewell, Pears & Co. 1868

Benjamin Bakewell took over a closed Pittsburgh glasshouse in 1808 and it continued in operation under his name and several others up until 1882. The Pears family was associated with the enterpise for most of it's life. This catalogue reprint was done in 2004.

Bakewell, Pears & Co. Undated

This catalogue is undated. My father did this reprint in 1977. The introduction is by Lowell Innes.

Camp Kawanhee: A Book of memories

Camp Kawanhee is a boys camp in Weld Maine. This book was published in 2005 on the occation of the camp's 85th reunion. It contains reprints of two old catalogues from 1924, 1928 and 55 pages of memories from campers in the 1950s to 1970s.