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Bakewell, Pears & Co. Catalogue Undated

The catalog reprint shown below costs $40.00, tax and regular shipping included. It is a 1977 REPRINT of an undated Bakewell, Pears &Co Glass Ware catalogue. The catalog is hard bound, 4 1/2" by 10 3/4" , consisting of a 2 page forward, 4 page introduction and then the actual catalogue reprint consisting of 49 pages of pictures of the glass items. The book is in "as new" condition. There is a slip cover and gold stamping on the spine.

The introduction is by Lowell Innes.

The picture pages of the catalogue are drawings and have appeared in many glass books such as Ruth Webb Lee's 1931 Early American Pressed Glass on pages 79-84. The original catalogue, of which this is a reprint, was passed down in the Pears family

1868 cover
1875 Introduction
1875 Dalphin
1875 Milk Glass