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Camp Kawanhee: A Book of Memories

This book is a 2005 Keepsake from the 85th reunion of Camp Kawanhee for Boys in Weld Maine and is being sold for $30. A Book Of Memories is hard bound, 8 1/2" by 11", consisting of a 2 page introduction, 42 page reprint of the 1924 camp catalogue, 44 page reprint of the 1928 camp catalogue and 55 more pages of memories and stories from participants in the reunion. The book is in "as new" condition. There is no dust jacket but there is a reproduction of the camp sign on the cover and gold stamping on the spine.

If you want to see how the stories in the book were actually collected, click on the word Kawanhee in the left navigator on this page.

A must have for any Kawanhee camper or councilor.

The first two sections of the book give you a great chance to share an antique catalog with friends and family without the expense of owning one! The third section is a collection of old pictures from Camp Kawanhee and stories by 16 campers and councilors from the 50s and 60s.

At the back of the 1924 catalog is a collection of “Letter from Patrons, 1923”. You can read about how more than one son returned from camp “physically stronger , more mentally alert, and with higher ideals and purposes”.

Taxes and Shipping by book rate in the United States are included in the $30 prince.

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1868 decanters