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It is my intention that this not be a book about my family, but you have to start somewhere. Here are two pictures taken when my Grandmother and my Aunt picked up my father from Camp Kawanhee at the end of the 1927 season. And don't ask who is who. My father reported that he was the oldest boy in camp and on the first night they took him on a Snipe hunt. He was the one selected to carry the sack with the Snipe in it back to camp. That was the end of the report. I am proud to say I believe I carried on his fine tradtion of being the butt of too many practical jokes.

Nice Outfits, huh? Maybe a fashion show is in order. What the well dressed camper and his family wore in each era. Does it look to you like someone has his belt too high and some other people have adopted the low slung look?