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My parents enrolled me as a camper at Camp Kawanhee in 1934 and I continued each summer through the 1939 season. My last three summers I was a Senior Counselor in charge of Archery. In those early years there were two fine gentlemen at Kawanhee who made a lasting impression on all of us, counselors as well as campers. One was Sidney Sweet ("Colonel Sweet") Dean of the Episcopal Cathedral in St. Louis, and the other was Ross Miller who was the Dean of Students at Wittenberg College in Springfield, Ohio. These two gentlemen held Sunday evening Vesper Services on Bass Rock. The entire camp including all campers and counselors paddled in canoes, or rowed in rowboats, or were escorted in power boats such as "The Pete". We all encircled the Rock in our boats except for Col. Sweet and Dean Miller who stood right on the Rock. The Frank Brothers, George and Raymond, the Founders of Kawanhee, also stood on the Rock as they were excellent singers, and led the singing of hymns along with two other fine vocalists to make a highly talented quartet. We all joined in singing "Day is Dying in the West" and other songs as the sun sank beneath the Gap of Mt. Tumbledown. Someone, often Colonel Sweet or Dean Miller gave a brief sermon adding to the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding sunset in the sky and mountains.

The combination of natural beauty, excellent singing, plus inspirational sermons made for a total lasting impression upon all of us that helped fulfill the Frank brothers goal of making Kawanhee a powerful character building force. May there always be a Kawanhee in our hearts.

Walter Estabrook