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This is just a lazy man's blog. Things I found out about today that I though others might enjoy hearing about.


I have to admit I like LinkedIn TODAY

LinkedIn TODAY is Customer Relations Management email I get once a week. There must be a technical term for such stuff. Lets just call it email marketing for the moment. Anyway, the one from LinkedIn seems to be called LinkedIn TODAY. And I have found it to be about the best one I receive. You can choose the topics they will send and I am only signed up for Computer Software.

A Diversion: After reading the LinkedIn TODAY issue that I am about to describe to you, I decided it was worth posting here. I opened the tools to edit tompears.com and remembered that I had an idea to change my head shot. I got my iphone and started to download the picture. That is where the problem arose. Instead of just downloading a few images, I thought I should act responsibly. I should download all the recent iphone pictures and clear out the iphone drive.

I downloaded the pictures. I divided them into 10+ folders. I threw out quite a few. I had to reboot the machine numerous times. Once I viewed a movie, vista claimed the file was in use and I needed to reboot this machine before it would allow me to change the name of the movie from img_8765 to swan on little river. I also felt that I could only delete the files from the iphone if I had already made a second copy. I got out an old backup disk and moved the new organized iphone pics from October onto it. I then took the 2 hours necessary to write up a read me for that external drive so I could get at least some idea of what was on the drive. I then deleted the iphone pictures. I spent a half hour photoshoping a couple of the candidates for the upper left corner of this site. In the end I went with a head shot I had cropped out of a non-iphone photo a week ago. I started this project about 9am and now it is 5pm. Of course I also got to play with the wood stove numerous times. I stole an Obama sign to replace the one the conscientious Dems took this AM. My wonderful appearance creating wife wanted to use the then missing sign in a vignette with our pumpkin head manikin on the lawn. I bought a subway for lunch and bought dinner. The normal work flow of the unemployed/semi-retired.

But back to LinkedIn TODAY!

They normally each week send a teaser and link to 5 stories. It is graphically appealing and I have found the content first rate. I actually read the teaser and clicked through to three articles.

The first was entitled:

How the Weather Company survived a 1000% traffic spike during Hurricane Sandy. The article gave credit to:

“We relied very heavily on three partners that helped us deal with the sudden surge: Verizon, Akamai, Google were great throughout the storm.”

Hopefully you can read the entire article at:

The second was entitled:

Microsoft’s security team is killing it: Not one product on Kaspersky’s top 10 vulnerabilities list

The basic idea is that Microsoft has gotten off the list because they are able to do timely updates to their software. They have been replaced on the list by Adobe and Java!

The last article was entitled:

5 most surprising things heard at Harvard Cyberposium

Having 3 to 7 things is clearly a winning way to catch readers. The first idea was that it is better to have 2 founders rather than just one. They also introduced me to Sphero “robotic” sphere and I went out and bought one! Tools for designing cool things have awful interfaces and social media has backfired at more than a few companies. Lastly, is the MBA really worth it in this market? You can read for yourself at:

You can sign up for LinkedIn TODAY at:

Lastly, I'll put in a plug for one of the other almost weekly newsletters that I love. Its about corporate Learning departments and is called Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie.

Elliot does a lot of self promotion for his events but he also usually has one interesting paragraph each week. You can sign up at:

Happy Reading!